Information for Parents

For enhanced safety and security for students and staff, our doors are locked during school hours. The only accessible entrance is the main door. Please do not attempt to gain access through any other door. Press the buzzer located at the front door, and state your name and purpose when prompted. You will be greeted using the intercom; sign in at the main office as per the school and board procedures.
We will always do our best to greet you as soon as possible, however there are times when you may need to wait briefly if adults in the office are either on the phone or in meetings. We ask that you press the intercom button one time.
The number of life-threatening allergies is increasing; we have many students with allergies. It is the parent/guardian(s) responsibility to provide the school with medical information about their child, an emergency plan and an adequate and up-to-date supply of epi-pens (or any other prescribed medication).
Forms are sent home in June with students who are known to have allergies or health needs. If your child has an allergy that the school in unaware of or you do not receive forms please call the school immediately to obtain the pertinent information or download the forms from our website. Updated forms signed by physicians and medications need to be sent to the school as soon as possible.
We are a nut aware school which means that we ask students to bring nut free food items. Since there are students that have allergies to other food products such as milk, melons, eggs etcetera, we ask that. In addition, students sharing food in the school is not permitted. Nut free does not mean it is safe for all students. Our staff does an excellent job raising awareness in their classrooms.
As part of our safe arrival policy, all students must be accounted for on a daily basis. If your child is ill or will be absent from school for any reason, please phone the school at 519- 675-4428. The mornings are particularly busy, if you call during this time and do not get an answer this means that the phone lines are likely in use. Instead of calling again which further ties up the lines, please leave a message for the office staff to pick up. To avoid the morning rush, if you know your child will be away the night before the messaging system is available to you 24hrs a day for you to leave a message.
In the event that your child is absent and it has not been communicated to us, we will contact you or the emergency contact, to confirm the absence. If for some reason our answering system is not working properly and your child is absent, a phone call to you will be made. If a student is late he/she has to check in at the office on their way into the school. Their agenda will be stamped and the classroom teacher will then admit them.
We ask that you avoid picking up your child early from school, especially on a regular basis. Our 300-minute instructional day ends at 3:05 p.m. Missed time is missed learning. In the event that an early pick-up is necessary, the child will need to be signed out at the office. Parents are asked to wait in the office where their child will meet them.
Thank you for understanding that less interruptions within the instructional time makes for a much better learning environment for all of our students. A note sent to school the day of the early pick-up to inform the classroom teacher is also appreciated.
If you are picking up your child for lunch, you must follow the same procedure of signing your child out and waiting at the office. They must be signed back in upon their return.
IMPORTANT: Please fill out the personalized Emergency Form that was handed out to each student and return it to our school office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We are always concerned about your child’s needs and, should an emergency arise, we would immediately require the information found on the form.
All medications, including medications for allergies, pain relief, antibiotics etc. require proper documentation. If it is necessary for your child to take medication during the school day, the parent/guardian must provide a completed LDCSB form authorized (signed) by the prescribing physician before any medication can be administered at school. This also applies to temporary medications such as antibiotics prescribed by a physician – the medication form still needs to be filled out and signed by the doctor.
If you are taking your child to the doctor and feel that a prescription may be written – you are more than welcome to pick up a form before you go to the doctor to save you a follow-up trip. The goal will be to have these forms available to you on-line for easy access/printing at home. All medication will be administered by school personnel and recorded as is required by the LDCSB policy.
For the safety of all children, students may not bring medication to school to self-administer. Forms are always available through the office. This includes all over the counter medications such as pain relievers, cough syrups and so on.
Parents and community members who volunteer in our school are very important to us and we appreciate their generous giving of themselves. In accordance with Ontario legislation and LDCSB policy, all individuals wishing to volunteer must complete a Voluntary Screening Criminal Background Check. This includes parents or others who volunteer in the school, supervise on school trips/and or coach teams.
If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please contact the office. You will be provided with a letter to present to the police in order to initiate a Criminal Background Check. When approved, the statement is returned to the school and the original will be kept on file. This only needs to be completed one time. After the original check is on file, an Annual Declaration form may be signed at the school.
These planners reflect our faithbased education system and prove to be a valuable tool. They are an excellent means of tracking homework, assignments, tests, and events. Planners are also an effective way to communicate information between home and school. Please make a habit of checking these nightly.
The cost of the agendas is subsidized by the school. There is a $7 charge per child towards the cost of the agenda. This will be collected by classroom teachers or you can pay on line during the first week of school.
Pizza is available on Wednesdays and is provided by Domino’s Pizza. Milk is available daily. For each ordering cycle we ask that you choose either chocolate or white milk for the entire cycle for our ordering purposes.
A Food Service Order Form for Milk and Pizza will be sent home during the first week with each student. These forms, with payment or payment on line, are due by September 13th. Late orders will not be accepted due to ordering deadlines.
Please ensure that your child has clean, nonskid running shoes for use inside the school gym. In addition, a change of clothes that are proper for active participation such as shorts or track pants and a t-shirt are recommended for physical education classes. Please ensure that phys ed clothes are compliant with our dress code.
Daily school wear should be neat, tidy, free from rips or tears, inappropriate advertising and be modest. The specific dress code and code of conduct can be found in our Policies and Procedures document below. Please read over these important school policies with your child this week. Review dress code throughout the year as the weather changes.
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The London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) and St. Anne’s Catholic School are committed to ensuring safe, productive and engaging learning communities in our school. The use of portable electronic devices (PED) is permitted on school premises under limited conditions as authorized by the Principal for the sole purpose of enhancing academic achievement while respecting the dignity and safety of all members of our school community.
PEDs are wireless and/or portable electronic handheld equipment that can be used for the purpose of communication, entertainment, data management, word processing, Wi-Fi access, sound recording, image capture/recording, and information transmitting/receiving/ storing, etc. They include, but are not limited to:
  • Mobile communication systems and smart technologies (cell phones, smartphones, I-phones, walkie-talkies, pagers, etc.)
  • Portable internet devices (mobile managers/messengers, BlackBerryTM handsets, etc.)
  • PDAs (Palm® organizers, pocket PCs, etc.)
  • Handheld entertainment systems (video games, CD players, compact DVD players, MP3 players, iPods©, Walk-man TM, etc.)
  • Digital or film cameras
  • Digital or analogue audio recorders or video recorders (tape recorders, camcorders, etc.)
  • Spy gadgets (spy cameras, covert listening devices, etc.)
  • Any other convergent communication technologies that do any number of the previously mentioned functions.
The school and the LDCSB assume no responsibility for the theft, loss, recovery, repair or replacement for any PED brought onto school property, whether the item is lost, stolen or confiscated. It is the policy of the LDCSB that all personal communication devices shall be powered off and stored out of sight and not used on the school premises except for educational purposes as outlined by the classroom teacher.
School phones are available for students to contact parents in case of emergency or other urgent needs. Students are asked to use the school phones to communicate with parents to ensure permissions have been granted and communication amongst all parties is consistent. Please remind your son or daughter of this expectation and help us enforce this. If you need to contact your son or daughter please phone the school (not their cell phone if they have one); texts and calls distract your son or daughter and the learning environment of all children.
Online social networking, which involves any form of harassment, which is deemed to be conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, including comments posted electronically, is not acceptable and falls under the school code of conduct.